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Newgen omnidocs activescript product suite

Newgen’s OmniDocs ActiveScript enables rapid cloud deployment for the automation of your industry-specific, document-centric processes. It digitally co-locates your remote employees and documents. The solution restores your disrupted operations and helps maintain business continuity by creating a digital workplace with anytime, anywhere access to relevant documents

Management of Documents with a Three-step Approach


The system facilitates the intake of a large volume of documents from various channels, including mobile, e-mail, web portal, in-branch, and more. It ensures the accuracy and completeness of data by capturing, indexing, classifying, and verifying information.


The documents are then routed to the concerned departments for further processing. The system supports multi-step processes, where documents and their attached metadata and actions flow seamlessly from one step to another, and offers exception management capabilities.


After processing, the documents are stored securely and can be accessed easily. The system offers a centralized repository with proper indexing, allowing for easy search and retrieval of information


OmniDocs ActiveScript comes with a built-in mobile application (for iOS and Android) which allows you to share and collaborate on documents and access critical information anytime, anywhere using a mobile device. Furthermore, the application allows you to:

  • View process related documents and data
  • Approve or reject process related documents
  • Search, retrieve, and view archived documents
  • Perform various document related actions supported by OmniDocs

Benefits of OmniDocs ActiveScript:

  • Automation of 100+ document-centric processes with customized ActiveScripts for your industry-specific use cases
  • Content capture from multiple sources along with centralized and secure storage of documents
  • Remote working with easy access to documents
  • Compliance with document management and storage regulations
  • Deployment on cloud for an out-of-the-box experience

Banking Solutions

Newgen’s financial services-specific solutions, built on a digital automation platform with low code capability, can help you streamline your end-to-end operations, achieve faster turnaround times, and stay on top of regulations. Our banking solutions include account opening, retail lending, collection, mobility, compliance, underwriting, and dashboard reporting. Empower your employees with intelligent, agile processes and ensure enough scalability to accommodate your institution’s evolving needs.


  • Omnichannel and personalized onboarding experience for customers
  • Multichannel initiation, straight-through processing, and live dashboard reports for improved productivity
  • Digitized lending processes along with rapid loan origination and renewal

Insurance Solutions

Newgen’s solutions for insurance firms, including new business, policy underwriting, policy servicing, and claims processing help you with the end-to-end automation and centralization of processes. They reduce time-to-market, improve accuracy, and deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience across life, health, and general insurance coverage areas.


  • Faster processing of claims within the regulatory framework
  • Real-time access to all policy and claims information
  • Better underwriting decisions with multiple checks against configured rules

Accounts Payable

Newgen’s accounts payable process ensures a disciplined approach in the evaluation and improvement of financial management for the entire organization. The solution provides real-time integration with ERPs, thereby creating a robust ecosystem to streamline the accounts payable process. It strengthens vendor management, allowing vendors to track invoice status and raise concerns directly with managers.


  • Accelerated approval and processing of invoices
  • Reduced bill payment cycle leading to lesser incidents of paying penalties
  • Improved audit and compliance management

Why Newgen?

  • Bridge silos with low code automation platform that connects your people, systems, data, and workflows
  • Deliver an omnichannel experience throughout your customers’ journeys and transform their experience
  • Leverage your existing IT investments with our SaaS, cloud, and on-premise deployment models
  • Innovate continuously with our new-age capabilities, such as RPA, social sensing, mobility, and analytics
  • Stay secure and compliant with our unmatched security and scalability