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Queue Management

Queue Management is an approach used to develop more efficient systems to reduce customer waiting times or perceived waiting times for a service or transaction. It aims to increase the number of customers and improve customer satisfaction regarding the queue experience.

  • Pre-Booking of Appointments

Lets banking customers book an appointment in advance

  • Predictive Analysis

Produces alerts and tips based on previous trends

  • GPS Enabled

Manages branch volumes and foot traffic with the GPS feature


Scale your business with branchless banking. Reduce operational costs, raise your volume of transactions. Provide opening accounts, cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, top-ups, fund transfers and more to provide convenience to your customers in a cost-efficient manner in remote areas with Genie-Branch.

  • Transactions

Make Payments, Deposit and Withdraw Money, Transfer Funds Loans

  • Agent Management

Verifies the identity of the customer through a paperless know your customer

  • In-Branch and Remote Transaction

Deploy on-premise or on mobile devices of agents

  • Services

Origination, Scoring, Disbursal and collections

  • Multi-factor Authentication

Requires multiple authentication for stronger security

  • Geo- Tracking

Identifies the physical location of the agent’s device to prevent fraud

  • Biometrics

Identify someone’s identity through physical human characteristics

  • OTP

Safeguards transactions through an automatically generated One-time password